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Nile Drip is one of the companies of Mohammed Al Sayed's Sons, Founded in 2004 & specialized in :
- Manufacturing PE Drip Irrigation Tubes16 mm , 18 mm and 20 mm in-line drip tubes and from 8 mm to 75 mm blank tubes . Nile Drip irrigation system is manufactured according to the international standards using virgin PE raw materials , UV-Stabilizer & anti-block inner drippers. Thanks to high quality control and insightful pricing policy Nile Drip products managed to strongly compete against both imported and locally manufactured products .Very well trained sales and marketing teams of Nile Drip now covers all the targeted areas in the Egyptian local market in addition to reserve a share in the Middle Eastern Market by exporting Nile Drip products there.

Our Partners

Amial Company

Nile International Company

Al-Alamia Company

Atrab Company

Al-Mohammedia Company

Manufacturing Metal Structures

For Import and Export

For Plastic and Metal Products

For Modern Irrigation Systems

For Steel Trading & Metal Shaping

What Distinguishes Us?

Nile Drip Company is one of the leading companies in Egypt, manufacturing Drip Irrigation Tubing and Pipelines utilizing the latest technologies for Irrigation Systems and Water Supply.

We offer high quality products

Nile Drip is committed to manufacture HDPE pipes from 25mm to 75mm (OD), and LDPE Drip Irrigation Tubing (GR) 16mm, 18mm and 20mm (OD), using 100% virgin raw materials and unique anti-blockage US designed emitters.

Agents for international companies

Nile Drip are Agents for well-known international companies, specializing in modern Irrigation Systems, Filtration, Accessories and Mazzei Fertilizer Injectors.

Manufactures Greenhouses

Nile Drip manufactures various types of Greenhouses (single & multi span), with optional Ventilation, and over-head Misting Systems.

Manufactures High Quality UPVC PIPES

Nile Drip Manufactures High Quality UPVC PIPES for drinking water , irrigation and drainage purposes with various OD using 100% virgin raw materials utilizing the latest technologies and according to both Egyptian Standards and German (DIN) Standards .

Manufactures Drip Tapes“ NILE TAPE”

Nile Drip Manufactures Drip Tapes – brand “ NILE TAPE” using 100% virgin raw materials easy to be folded in long coils of thousands of meters , Tape diameter is 16 mm , wall thickness is 8 ml . It can be used both above and under- ground.

We has well-trained Teams

Nile Drip has well-trained Teams, designated for the following activities:

  • Manufacturing Quality Control.
  • Sales Staff to offer Optimal Systems to Customers.
  • Construction Team to oversee Execution Works.
  • After-Sales to extend support and back-up to Customers.

Moreover, Nile Drip has a Network of Branches/Distributors across Egypt, to offer regional assistance and supply of materials, which are supported by Nile Drip Representatives, who travel throughout the countryside regularly. Furthermore, Nile Drip is aggressively pushing exports into international markets to restore high quality position of Egyptian products.

Agricultural Projects & Consultation Dept.

Nile Drip has an Agricultural Projects & Consultation Dept., to undertake design, arrange supply, as well as installation of the Irrigation system types.

“Nile Drip” name was chosen from the resilient Nile, which is the heart of Egypt that continually offers benefits to its people.


Less Water .. Less Effort .. Less Cost .. More Profit

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